Looking Up
  • Looking Up

    48" x 48" x 2"

    Acrylic on canvas


    When I first arrived in the US from Scotland, I went for a job interview on Wall Street, a narrow street in New York's financial district flanked by high rise office buildings that created a lot of shade with the sky showing way up there. I remember looking up at the new-to-me landscape.  I was really out of my element, no idea what was ahead for me, but going for it anyway in a cobbled together outfit of blacks that I thought looked business-like and may not have matched. This painting gives me the same innocent, slightly dizzy feeling. I got the job. The guy I interviewed with was of Scottish heritage. My accent then was still strong enough that people grinned at me when I spoke, mostly I realize now, having no idea what I was saying, but liking the sound.