• Soar

    36" x 36"/91 x 91cm

    Acrylics on canvas


    When I first started painting, a long time ago at the Art Students League in New York, other artists would see my work in progress and comment that I'd been looking at Kandinsky. At that time, I didn't know anything about art or Kandinsky. So I looked him up and loved his work, visiting it many times at the Guggenheim. I think we are atuned to the same frequency which thrums in us and seeks expression. It's lovely to see this work emerge and feel I've come full circle back to where I began. Rilke also alludes to this circling around in his poem Der Turm (The Tower), like the spiral staircase at the Guggenheim, coming around again.

    I love color and the physicality of the paint, whether it's thick or fluid. It's always colors that move me and there is an adventure of discovery, of seeing how they look on the painting surface and I work to place them so an energetic balance is achieved in combination with the deliciousness of the pigments.