12" x 12"/30 x 30 cm

Gouache and mixed media on panel


Fourth in this series exploring the vertical upright and color canopy. I'm not painting a tree or bouquet, though I think about the light in leaves and petals. I'm exploring the upright shape with canopy. I don't quite know what I'm doing here. But it's usually best that way. The colors and forms will reveal their message to me at some point. For now, I am bumbling along while becoming reacquainted with gouache, which I haven't painted with in....38 years. I find the result of my efforts pleasing. I hope you enjoy looking at them too.

The Beauty Of A Day (IV)


Painted in gouache, acrylic pen and pastels on museum quality, archival and acid-free Ampersand AquabordTM. Frame as you would a watercolor and enjoy.


No Prints. Ever.

The unique, one of a kind painting you purchase from me remains the one and only in existence. I do not authorize my paintings for reproduction as prints or any other media.


Signature and Authenticity

Signed front and back. Accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.


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