18" x 36"/ 46 x 91 cm 

Acrylic and pastels on canvas


I think mostly we forget we are on a planet spinning in space. I want the title to influence the viewer to consider the sky blue area and how its lightness with the strong vertical is holding up the deep blue area full of content. I've been interested in the strong vertical with a "canopy" for a bit lately. It's not a tree but I think of trees. It's not flowers though I think of them. The bird is carrying something that looks like a heart. Maybe it's me saying, here is my offering. I made it for you to see.

Holding Up The World

Painted on cotton gallery-wrapped canvas 1.5"/ 3.8 cm deep using acrylics and pastels on cotton canvas. Sealed with a clear, uv-filtering varnish.


Signed front and back. Accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

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