90" x 40"/228 x 101 cm

Acrylics on canvas


There is a moment after the most beautiful music has played, when in the silence the air is full, the beauty suspended. 

This painting is the winner of the international competition sponsored by ArtFinder and Liquitex in late 2016 where artists were invited to enter paintings that showed what "muted" means to them. Artists from 37 countries competed for this honor. The interview conducted by ArtFinder in December 2016 is published on ArtFinder's blog and also on Liquitex's website.

THE WINNER "The Wonder Of Days"

PAINTING DETAILSThe sides show the visible traces of the painting process. The painting is comprised of three canvases each 30" x 40"/76 x 102cm. Sealed with an unobtrusive, archival, uv-filtering varnish to protect the colors.


No Prints. Ever.

One unique painting. I do not authorize the images of my painting for reproduction in any form, so the painting you buy remains the one and only in existence.


Signature and Authenticity

Signed front and back, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.


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